What’s the Deal With Filing & Cuticles?!

Filing Tips

  • In general, try to use the right file. A crystal nail file usually best suits natural nails. Filing artificial nails is usually best done with an emery-board type of file – these are usually super coarse and file a fake nail well, but are far too harsh for a normal nail.

How to Tell If Your Tech is Using Something Too Harsh for Your Nails?

  • Go by the sound. A fine-grit crystal file sounds high pitched and almost pleasant. A coarse one sounds deeper and you’ll see the nail falling away from it quickly.

So How Should I File Nails?

  • One swift movement in one direction. Avoid going back and forth. It may take longer but you’ll see a stronger, healthier nail because of it. If you could lose 300 calories by running absolutely flat-out for an hour, and feel like you’ve just died, or would you lose 500 from walking at a good pace with a gentle incline? It’s a marathon not a sprint-finish.